EFWG Blanking Plug

Our EFWG Blanking Plug is a positive blank-off, top no-go tool designed to be run into an EF Landing Nipple or an upper sub of an EL or SLFU Sliding Sleeve. It holds pressure from both above and below. Conventional wireline tools and techniques are used to run, set and pull the blanking plug.

The EFWG is designed to be used with a removable mandrel for equalizing pressure.

While running in the hole the equalizing mandrel is in the lower position, allowing fluid to bypass through the ports on the bottom sub. When the plug is located and set into the nipple, the mandrel is moved to its upper position, thereby blanking off the ports and providing a complete seal. The equalizing mandrel is kept in position by shear pins.

Running and Setting
1. Pin the plug to the EC-1 Running Tool and attach it to a normal wireline tool string.
2. Run into the hole until the no-go shoulder on the lock mandrel locates on the top of the seal bore of the nipple.
3. Pull upstrain to verify that the dogs are locked in place.
4. Jar up to shear the lower shear pins on the running tool. Continue upstrain until the mandrel has moved to its full up position.
5. Shear the upper shear pins on the running tool. Pull the EC-1 out of the hole.
It is imperative that the plug not be pulled until pressure on both sides of it is equalized.
The procedure is as follows:
1. Run in with an ERB Pulling Tool and latch onto the fishing neck.
2. Jar up to shear the plug’s shear pins and remove the fishing neck and mandrel sub-assembly.
3. Allow sufficient time for the pressure to equalize through the equalization ports.
Pulling Procedure
1. Run in with an ERB Pulling Tool with an attached EB Probe.
2. As the pulling tool latches onto the lock mandrel fishing neck, the probe collapses the dogs. Once the dogs are retracted, remove the plug from the nipple by upward jarring.

1. Selective zone isolation
2. Setting hydraulic packers.
3. Testing tubing by bleeding pressure from above
4. Isolation of tubing for wellhead repair or removal
5. Snubbing in and out of the well

1. Plugs are run in the by-pass position, assuring pressure equalization.
2. Normal wireline tools and techniques can be used to run and pull plug.
3. Integral union top thread provides installation ease and flexibility with coiled tubing equipment.