Basic No-Turn Tool

The basic No-Turn Tool incorporates a revolutionary new setting mechanism that is strong, reliable, economical to operate and service and has only one moving part.

Basic Tool Consists of:
1. Female keyed mandrel
2. Male keyed main slip
3. Once piece cage

1. Prevents tubing and stator back off
2. Low maintenance

3. No springs to break or change

4. Superb flow characteristics in high sand and gas

5. Ideal for heavy oil

1. Cost effective
2. Maximize the pump life
3. Simple to set and release

Recommended Setting Procedures:
1. Make up Basic No-Turn Tool on bottom of Stator.
2. Run in to desire depth.
3. Install dognut.
4. Rotate tubing to the right until tool sets and hold torque in tubing.
5. Maintaining torque, lower tubing and land dognut.
6. Basic No-Turn Tool is set.

Release Procedure:
Rotate the tubing to the left to release torque (1 turn if possible).