CDHS Clutched Downhole Swivel

The CDHS Clutched Down Hole Swivel Assembly is designed to be run in conjunction with the Tubing Rotator on pumping wells that utilize a progressive cavity pump and an anti-rotation anchor.

The CDHS has a shear release that allows the anti-rotation anchor to be set.  In addition, the CDHS has a built-in clutch system that will not allow the swivel to freely rotate if the anti-rotation anchor fails.

This tool does not function as a swivel until the shear screws are sheared. Rotation to the right sets the tubing anchor. Once the anchor is set, continued torque shears the screws allowing free rotation to the right.

The clutch features a set of four ratchet grooves with ratchet pins that create the ratcheting effect – allowing the swivel to rotate freely to the right while disallowing left hand rotation.

1. Progressive cavity pumps with anti-rotation anchors
2. Setting tubing anchors

1. Operates in both tension and compression
2. Built-in clutch system will not allow swivel to freely rotate if the tubing anchor fails
3. Large bore for minimal fluid flow restriction
4. Simple shear replacement feature

5. Available in different materials and threads on request.