Centralizing DTA

The Centralizing Dynamic Torque Anchor has been developed to provide and reliable solution for tubing back-off when progressive cavity pumps are used. With the trend towards larger pumps being used for production, we have developed the CTA to handle the increase vibration caused by these pumps. Its function in horizontal wells has also been significantly advanced by this new design. The unique patented design allows for easy running and retrieval in a variety of downhole conditions including:

1. Deep Wells
2. Horizontal Wells
3. Heavy Oil

The Centralizing Dynamic Torque Anchor allows for full bore configuration, maximum bypass in the annulus and its function is not affected by the presence of produced sand.

The Centralizing Dynamic torque Anchor uses wedge shaped anchoring blocks which bite into the casing wall when right hand torque is generated in the tubing string. These anchoring blocks are spring loaded so transfer of torque to the casing is immediate (clockwise) and the tubing string may be freely rotated to the left (counterclockwise). In deviated wells, the centralizing blocks will prevent premature wear of the anchoring blocks during running in and out of the well. During the pumping operation, the centralizing blocks will attenuate the vibrations generated by the pimp and provide a soft contact between pump and casing. Due to the original design of the anchoring blocks, only a simple engaging and disengaging procedure is required.

The running procedure of the Centralizing Dynamic torque Anchor is as simple as the design itself. The anchor is installed below the pump and can be run in and out of the well freely as shown in Figure 1A. When the anchor has reached the required depth, the application of approximately 300ft – lbs right-hand torque, will securely engage the anchoring blocks to the casing wall. The setting torque may now be locked in and the pump operation started. To disengage the anchor, simply stop the pump operation and relax the initial setting torque.