CTR Tubing Rotator

The CTR Tubing Rotator was developed as part of a system primarily designed to extend the life of production tubing in beam pumping and PC pumping wells.

Using a Tubing Rotator can extend the life of down-hole tubing by up to ten times in certain circumstances; by equalizing the tubing wear around the entire ID of the tubing instead of wearing through in a single spot.

The CTR Tubing Rotators are available with three (3) drive options:

Manual Drive
The Manual Drive System allows the operator to rotate the tubing string on a periodic basis (typically daily or weekly).  This system is typically used with progressive cavity pumps.

Mechanical Drive
The Mechanical Drive System is used with pump jacks.  This system can be set up to allow for approximately one revolution of the tubing in a 24 hour period.

Electric Drive
The Electrical Drive System is used with progressive cavity pumps that have an electrical surface drive.  The drive system is run by an explosion-proof 220V motor.  This system rotates the tubing string approximately two times during a 24 hour period.

1. Beam pumping operations
2. PC pumping wells

1. Very low maintenance required
2. Simple installation and removal
3. Adds only 6.5" to wellhead height
4. No wellhead modifications required
5. No custom-built tubing hanger required

1. Utilizes existing wellhead components
2. Easily converted to 3 1/2", 2 7/8", or 2 3/8" EUE simply by changing the mandrel
3. Works in temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius
4. Abnormal pump wear reduced
5. Sand build-up in pump barrel eliminated
6. Enhances corrosion inhibitors
7. Prolongs tubing life 6-10 times
8. Paraffin build-up eliminated in most cases

9. Rod hang-up eliminated in most cases