E-Plus Tubing Rotator

The Eliminator was developed as part of a system primarily designed to extend the life of productions tubing bean pumping and P.C. pumping wells.

1. Complies with API 6A bolting requirement
2. Simple installation and removal
1. Can adapt to an API wellhead in its range
4. Lower Ring Gasket can be pressure tested
5. Virtually maintenance free
6. Can be adapted for thermal applications up to 210°C
7. Abnormal pump wear eliminated
8. Sand build-up in pump barrel eliminated
9. Enhances corrosion inhibitors
10. Prolongs Tubing life 6-10 times
11. Paraffin build-up eliminated (in most cases)
12. Rod hang-up eliminated (in most cases)
13. Replaces the conventional hanger
14. Maintains well control while stripping BOP’s
15. Can utilize manual, mechanical (pump jack) or electric (110V, 460V or 12 volt)
16. After the installation, the E-Plus Tubing Rotator can be operated through one of three methods:

Manually Driven
Allows the operator to rotate the tubing on a daily basis, simply crank on the handles to rotate
the tubing

Mechanically Driven
Connected to the walking beam of the pump jack, drive transmission through cable, ratchet, or

Electronic Motor Driven
Connects to on site power (3 phase) (single phase) or 12 volt, uses high ratio speed reducer

All options are provided with a shear mechanism to prevent over torquing of the tubing string.