Hydraulic Quick Connect

The hydraulic quick connect union is designed to provide a hydraulic activated latching mechanism which permits safe and rapid make-up of surface pressure equipment components. This union facilitates the assembly of large size BOPs and lubricators to each other or to the wellhead.

The quick connect union has a special pin adapter that seats in the union body box. Three actuators hydraulically operate lock dogs to engage and lock the pin adapter in place. The adapter has an O ring that seals in the box end, similar to conventional unions. The actuators incorporate a "fail-safe" spring that retains engagement of the lock dogs in case of hydraulic failure.

The quick connect union bottom connection is available as a union pin and collar connection, flanged or client specified connection. The tool is available in 5000 PSI to 10000 PSI working pressure for standard and sour service environments. Quick connect unions are also available in sizes and IDs to match other current surface pressure equipment.
1. Provides a safe and efficient method in handling and make-up of large size BOPs and lubricators
2. Fail safe feature ensures coupled union remains engaged in case of hydraulic failure