Quick Test Sub

 The quick test sub increases efficiency when pressure testing pressure control equipment when multiple runs are being made. Historically, the only way to ensure integrity of your pressure control equipment after a single connection was broken, was to fill the lubricator and retest the entire string. With the Quick Test sub, the connection that is broken can be retested by pressure testing the space between the two o-ring seals on the quick test sub.  This is a small volume and can be pressured up quickly with a hydraulic hand pump.  A needle valve, with a metal to metal seal, can seal off the test port after testing is finished.

We have the ability to incorporate this test union on one set or all of the unions in your pressure control equipment string.
1. Working pressures from 3000 PSI to 15,000 PSI
2. Available in nominal sizes from 2 1/2”- 7”
3. Standard and sour service environments
4. Available with a variety of hand union connections
5. Available with any customer specified side port connections.