The Carbide Mill has become an industry standard for; cleanouts, such as scale and cement
milling, plug removal, fish dressing, reaming, restriction enlargement, and removal of sliding
sleeves or other obstructions in the wellbore. Available in a variety of sizes and designs,
Carbide Mills are a cost-effective way to manage all your milling requirements.
can design and supply many different Mill styles and sizes, including: 
Bladed “Junk” Mills
The Junk Mills have a straight flute and aggressive configuration, proven to be very effective
in all standard milling applications. Dressed with crushed or Piranha carbide, SDI's Junk Mills
are available in 3 or 5 blade configuration, specific to the application and size.  
“Predator” Forward Aggressive Mills
Designed for Heavier Service milling applications, the Predator Mill is most commonly used
to mill out Bridge/Frac plugs, but also able to remove a variety of obstructions in the
wellbore. The forward configuration of the flutes allows for a quick displacement of the
cutting debris. 
 “Scorpion” Retro Mills
Much like the Predator Mill, the Scorpion Mill is most commonly used to mill out Bridge and
Frac plugs. The “Retro” configuration of the flutes and blades allow this mill to produce
smaller debris by having a “grinding” rather than an aggressive cutting effect. This is

especially beneficial in wells with lower BHP and/or where debris management is a concern. 


 Tapered Mills

The Tapered Mill is a traditional mill style utilized for milling through tight spots inside the
tubing and casing. Dressed with crushed carbide and stabilizer pads, it allows for a steady,
safe, cutting process, while enlarging collapsed or deformed tubing/casing where mill out to

drift dimensions is necessary. 


 String Mills

The String mill has an aggressive cut and stabilizer blades to ensure a drift mill out. This mill
style is commonly run above a mill/bit to ensure the milling operation achieves the desired
ID. Large flutes enhance the circulation of debris, while stabilizer pads maintain the
appropriate positioning of the mill, eliminating any damage to the tubulars.

This mill is dressed with Crushed Carbide. 



“Dynaport” Mills
The Dynaport Mill, as the name suggests, is specifically designed to mill out frac ports.
Concave center, round edges and a combination of Starbide and crushed carbide allow for a

quick and precise port mill out.  


“Tiger” Mills
Tiger Mills are engineered specifically for Aluminum plug mill out applications. Aggressive
stance, larger carbide buttons and wider space in between blades makes for a reliable
Aluminum plug milling operation. The large flutes on this mill augment the flow of the
aluminum pieces back to surface, ensuring the watercourses remain unobstructed.  


“offset” Mills
The offset design of these mills allows them to fit into tubing or casing with a diameter
restriction or where there’s deformation in some sections of the wellbore. When the offset
mill is rotating, it covers the full drift diameter.  


Concave/Convex Bottom Mills
The Concave and Convex Mills are most commonly used all -purpose mills. While the
final design can be tailored to the specific application, these mills are very effective for
removing cement, milling plugs, ports/ball seats, etc. Typically made using Piranha style
carbide but any carbide style can be utilized as required. 


 Seaoil Drill Inc. offers a variety of Carbide inserts and specialty carbide styles: