Coiled Tubing Roll-On Connector

The Coiled Tubing Roll-On Connector connects two tubing strings and is designed to prevent breakage when cycling the coiled tubing over the gooseneck on the coiled tubing unit. Installation begins by removing the weld bead and burrs from the end of the coiled tubing then inserting the Roll-On connector through the end. An installation tool is used to crimp the coiled tubing over the connector, and a hardened roller wheel on the installation tool crimps the coiled tubing into the connector grooves.


Connecting two coiled tubing strings together.

1. Cost-effective and safe method of joining coiled tubing strings.
2. Connector with thread-down or box-down configuration allows connector to be made up to downhole tools.
3. Large thru-bore.
4. Six O-ring seal design available for custom, high-pressure jobs.
5. Three roll-on grooves per side for high-strength joint.
6. Reusable once removed from the coiled tubing.
7. Easy field service.

8. Available in a complete range of sizes, configurations and materials.