CT Split Seal Flanged Hanger

The CT Split Seal Flanged Hanger uses the quad BOP of the coiled tubing service unit to seal well pressure and support the string weight, while the slip and seal assembly is being installed on the tubing string. A pressure window is installed above the quad BOP. The slip rams of the quad BOP hold the string weight, while the pipe rams contain well pressure. With the anchor bolt lock-down system, positive sealing is assured regardless of string weight. After the slip and seal set is installed in the hanger body, push force from the injector is applied to the string.


Higher pressure wells, H2S or CO2 wells requiring flanged assemblies.


1. PSL levels 1 (standard), 2,3,4 (available upon request).

2. Manufactured to API 6A specs. Meets NACE requirements.

3. Pack-off system available for the thermal wellhead applications.

4. Primarily used to hang coiled tubing velocity string to enhance production.

5. Also used for coiled tubing downhole chemical injection strings.

6. Special materials or coatings available for CO2 service.

7. Available with integral side outlet.