Data Line Pump Down Head

The Data Line Pump Down Head is a multi-functioning temporary wellhead component that packs off against data lines giving the operator a redundant wellhead isolation system.

Tubing Sizes


Working Temperature




.1875 - 1

(4.7624 - 25.4)

-40 - 500

(-40 - 204)


Custom Threads Available

Wellhead data line termination

1. Primary seal can either be mechanically or hydraulically packed off for remote control during pump down operation.
2. Secondary Seal is installed when pumping operation complete. The seal is mechanically energized and forces are locked in.
3. Modular design can accept additional pack off components for redundant sealing.
4. Independent wrap around slips seat into the upper slip receiver.
5. The Energizing Piston also acts as a wear guide to provide additional protection for the primary seals.
6. Test port used to inject lubricant for pump down operation.  Port also used to pressure test primary and secondary seal as well as monitoring pressure between the seals.