Latching Seal Assembly

The Latching Seal Assembly provides a means to latch and seal a coiled tubing velocity string inside conventional production tubing. The seal assembly features a rugged Lip-Seal Packing Unit and a shear style Latching Collet to anchor and isolate the coiled tubing. The Latching Seal Assembly is deployed into existing production tubing on coiled tubing and latched into a downhole flow control seating nipple. Once latched, the seal assembly and tailpipe may be dropped off and used as a downhole velocity string or tied back to surface as a full-length velocity string. When coiled tubing is extended to surface, hang-off is achieved with a Select threaded or flanged hanger.

1. Isolation of a sliding sleeve or production tubing leak.
2. A velocity string to enhance production.
3. Dual-zone production by utilizing a sliding sleeve.
4. Coiled tubing drop-off to unload liquid below an existing completion.

1. Lip-Seal Packing Unit provides a robust seal between the coiled tubing and seating nipple.
2. Coiled tubing is anchored to prevent unlatching of the seal assembly due to pressure differentials.
3. Seal assembly may be customized to latch and seal in a wide variety of well configurations.
4. Coiled tubing may be dropped off and hung below the seal assembly, extended from the seal assembly to surface or both.

5. Seals and metallic components may be customized to suit a wide range of well environments.