Latching Seal Mandrel

The Latching Seal Mandrel was designed for efficiency and economy in the completion of segregated zone wells. The mandrel is made up to the coiled tubing string using a slip-type tubing connector or alternately, a roll-on nipple. A tail joint and any required tools such as pump-out plugs or landing nipples can be installed below the mandrel. The coiled tubing string is run in the hole through the packer profile, and as the mandrel passes through the packer bore, the collet fingers collapse, allowing free passage of the seal mandrel. Once through the packer, the collet fingers prevent the seal mandrel from passing upward, securely locating the Latching Seal Mandrel in place.

When clean-out procedures are finished, the primary string is returned to the hang-off position relocating the mandrel in the packer bore; thus reestablishing segregation. To retrieve the mandrel from the well, simply over-pull to the preset shear value and release the collet-retaining ring. This allows the collet to collapse and the seal mandrel to pass upward through the packer for removal from the well.

Tubing Sizes


Tool OD


Tool ID






0.75 - 2.375

(19.05 - 60.32)





-40 - 275

(-40 - 135)







Provides access to segregated zones for clean-outs or other operations, without removing primary or secondary tubing strings

1. Cost-effective access to segregated zones using existing permanent packer in the well.
2. Accurate tail joint placement at desired depths.
3. Through-bore is same as coiled tubing ID, which maximizes velocity string efficiency by eliminating restrictions.
4. Eliminates retrieval of primary and secondary strings prior to well clean-out.

5. Saves time by eliminating extra trips.