Multi Line Feed Through Head

The Multi-Line Feed Through Head is a high temperature wellhead terminal exit point for multiple data line cluster applications.  Each data line is individually packed off and sealed without risk of damaging the data line. The head has been designed for ease of assembly while minimizing leak paths.

 Outer Diameter (in/mm)  Max Working Temperature (°F / °C) PSI (MPa)  Connection
 3.346 (85)  204 (400)  3045.8 (21)  2 (50.8) NPT Box x Pin



1. High temperature data line sealing

2. Coil tubing completions



1. Flexible pack-off system design for feed through of up to six metallic or soft-encased data lines.

2. Pack-off system minimizes compression of the data lines preserving data line integrity.

3. Internal components rotationally locked to prevent lines from being twisted during make-up.

4. Standard seal configurations utilized while leak paths minimized.

5. Upper thread accommodates conduit line housing to prevent damage after installation.