Model GTS Perforating Head

The Model 'GTS' Perforating Head is a tubing conveyed downhole intervention tool used to sand jet perforate casing or tubing. The head consists of replaceable carbide nozzles that are resistant to erosion from the abrasive effects of high velocity sand. The tool is ran in conjunction with centralizers to minimize back splash from the sand laden fluid as it enters the tubing or casing string. The Perforating Head can be configured with single or multiple nozzles for a variety of perforating applications.

1. Specially treated replaceable carbide nozzles for multiple use and minimal wear.
2. Perforator can be deployed on coiled or jointed tubing with standard bottomhole assemblies.
3. Hardened wear surfaces to minimize the erosive effects of back splash.
4. Nozzle OD ranges from 1.69” – 3.25”.
5. Various nozzles sizes available for different pump rates and applications.