Motorhead Assembly

The MHA ball disconnect provides a means of disconnecting the work string from the bottomhole assembly in the event the bottomhole assembly becomes stuck. Once the disconnect is actuated, the remaining ‘fish’ left in the well has an exposed “GS” profile for ease of reconnection with a subsequent recovery string.

The dual flapper back pressure valve prevents inflow from the well to the tubing. This feature ensures that during an unlikely event of surface pressure containment loss, well fluids are prevented from escaping from the well through the work string.

1. Available for all coiled tubing sizes.
2. Full bore prevents flow restrictions.
3. High torque, tension, shock and vibration resistant design.
4. Compact for limited high surface stack ups.
5. Adjustable pressure ratings for rupture discs.
6. Elastomeric seals.
7. Standard or H2S service.