Non-Rotating Safety Shear Sub

The Non-Rotating Safety Shear Sub was developed for use with stationary downhole equipment that develops rotational torque. The shear sub is installed in the tool string between the coiled tubing and the downhole tool. An example would be an ESP (electric submersible pump), run on small diameter coil, or polyethylene tubing, which upon startup, if  allowed to rotate, would cause twisting and subsequent failure of the power cable.


Used as a safety sub in ESP installations to prevent twisting of cables.


1.Slim diameter maximizes annular flow area.
2. High-strength steel alloy stop-pins provide high anti-rotational torque values.
3. Multiple shear screw locations provide a wide range of shear settings.
4. Minimal differential area reduces pressure-caused stress on shear screws.
5. Undercut shear screw holes prevent cutting of O-ring during assembly.
6. Easily dressed.

7. Standard connections.