Plastic/Nylon/Composite Internal Connector

The Internal Connector for plastic/nylon/composite coiled tubing is a fast and cost-effective means of connecting plastic/nylon/composite coiled tubing strings. The Internal Connector is designed with opposing threads that when inserted into the plastic/nylon/composite tubing and rotated, draw the coiled tubing ends together against the large OD section of the connector.

Connecting tools to plastic/nylon/composite coiled tubing strings.

1. Large inner diameter to maximize flow through the connector.
2. Short length to prevent damaging the plastic/nylon/composite tubing when passing over the goose neck.
3. Spoolable design.
4. Connector OD equivalent to the plastic/nylon/composite tubing OD.
5. Connector may also be configured as an Internal Connector x Thread Crossover.
6. Available in large range of sizes.

7. Custom sizes available upon request.