Plastic/Nylon/Composite Support Sleeve

The Support Sleeve provides collapse-resistance and ensures long-term reliable pack-off and suspension of plastic/nylon/composite tubing. When plastic/nylon/composite tubing is used as a velocity string, the tubing is run to depth and hung-off in a Select Coiled Tubing Hanger and pack-off assembly. The plastic/nylon/composite coiled tubing is supported by positioning the smooth section of the Support Sleeve adjacent to the packing element in the hanger. The hanger element may now be fully energized without risk of collapsing the tubing.

Used with plastic/nylon/composite tubing in the tubing hanger to prevent collapse and ensure pack-off

1. Large inner diameter to maximize flow.
2. Prevents the hanger pack-off element from collapsing the plastic/nylon/composite tubing.
3. Fast install for live well hang-off.
4. Available in all sizes of plastic/nylon/composite tubing.

5. Custom sizes available upon request.