Surface Isolation Plug & SIP Installation Tool

The Surface Isolation Plug (SIP) was developed to meet industry demand for a method to isolate wellbore pressure inside the coiled tubing pressure, prior to retrieval from the well. The Hydraulic Setting Tool allows the operator to lubricate in and set the SIP in the tubing at surface, shutting off well bore pressure.

The Surface Isolation Plug Installation Tool is a hydraulically activated tool used to install isolation plugs in live coiled tubing strings. The plug is connected to the end of the piston shaft and run into the well, where it is set at a predetermined point near the top of coiled tubing string.

Coiled Tubing Sizes


Tool OD



(°C / °F)


1 (25.4)

0.76 (19.06)

-40 - 275

(-40 - 135)


1.25 (31.75)

0.96 (24.30)

1.5 (38.1)

1.19 (30.20)

1.75 (44.45)

1.43 (36.20)

2 (50.8)

1.57 (39.90)

2.375 (60.32)

1.94 (49.10)

Isolation of coiled tubing ID prior to removal of tubing string

1. Plugs can be run in live well conditions.
2. Hydraulically activated for quick and easy retrievable operation.
3. Lightweight and compact design allows easy deployment and retrieval of SIP’s.
4. Operated by manual hydraulic pump.
5. Stroke length = 34”
6. Reliable hydraulic set design.
7. Easily connects to setting tool.
8. Designed for field redress and servicing.

9. Provides pack-off of seemed coiled tubing.