Surface Splitter Head

The Surface Splitter Head is a surface isolation system that both separates and isolates multiple eccentric and concentric tubing strings for unique coiled tubing completion applications. The Surface Splitter Head is designed to be easily installed and made up to each of the strings quickly and without damaging the strings during stab up.

Isolation of eccentric and concentric tubing strings

1. Compact design gives the operator maximum clearance with in the coiled tubing drum body.
2. A Fig. 206 hammer union connection aids in make-up alignment and ease of assembly while providing both a metal-metal and an O-ring seal. O-ring on packing element for added safety.
3. Smooth interior profile allows the strings to be safely inserted into the main body without risk of damaging or excessively bending the strings.

4. A side port allows the operator to continuously pump fluids down the main outside coiled tubing string.