Thermal Grapple Connector

The Thermal Grapple Connector is a high temperature connector for coiled tubing. The connector incorporates a versatile design that can be fitted for all sizes of coiled tubing and threaded connection. Sealing is accomplished using a high temperature graphite seal rated for temperatures up to 500°C. The sealing and slip components are independent in function allowing the operator to have better control over installation. The connector can be used for well interventions or for life of well sealing integrity.

High temperature connections
Coil tubing completions

1. Custom thread and material configurations to fit the well application.
2. Hostile environment graphite seal rated to 500°C (930°F).
3. Seal pack-off energy independent of applied connector loads.
4. Little possibility for seal damage during coil stab up procedures.

5. High tensile dual or single-direction slip design.