WR Bridge Plug

The WR Retrievable Bridge Plug is a wireline or hydraulic set bridge plug, used to temporarily seal tubulars in any situation where a bridge plug is to be run and retrieved under pressure. The Bridge Plug combines the advantages of wireline accuracy with simple and reliable retrieval. The Retrievable Bridge Plug is commonly used for zonal isolation during well testing, fracturing, acidizing, or wellhead repair.

The Retrievable Bridge Plug utilizes one-piece double-grip slips that hold securely against pressure from above and below the plug. A calibrated setting shear stud assures consistent pack-off performance, as well as retrieval reliability at any depth.

1. Acidizing, fracturing, cementing, casing pressure testing, wellhead replacement.
2. Zone isolation.
3. Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic or Wireline uses.

1. Very low maintenance required
2. Simple installation and removal
3. Built in differential pressure equalizing system
4. Ability to hang pressure recorders

5. Carbide slip models available for P110 casing